Lucky Lottery Winner Still Plowing Roads

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Winning the jackpot prize of nearly $11.7 million in the lottery didn’t stop Joe Meath, the lucky jackpot winner from doing his job of plowing snow. You would think that the first thing someone from the snowy Minnesota would do … Continued

Weekend Lotto Results | 10th, 11th October ‘ 14

With the start of brand new week, there could be no better way to kick it off than by placing your entries for your favorite online lotto games and walking away a lucky lotto winner.  Not only was there one … Continued

Weekly Lotto Winnings | 3rd – 8th October ‘ 14

Becoming a millionaire has never been this simple and entertaining thanks to the online lotto.  A lotto win could change your life completely, and it could finally be your chance to live the life you’ve always been dreaming of.  You … Continued

Weekend Lotto Update | 3rd and 4th October ‘14

With the start of the week always taking what seems like forever to pass, there’s one thing that can help to make time fly – your favourite online lotto games.  Bringing you some of the highest jackpot prizes ever, it’s … Continued

Weekly Lotto Results | 26th September – 1st October

It’s Friday, and to add to that good news – it’s also time for some of your favorite online lotto games to take place!  If you’re needing to take that very long overdue vacation, or you’re needing some money to … Continued

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