UK Lotto Results | 23 November 2013

By   November 25, 2013

uk lotto ticket

The UK Lotto has yet again stayed true to its glowing reputation of awarding its winning jackpot on a regular basis, and Saturday 23 November 2013 was no exception; with the full £6,301,183 amount going to a single-ticket winner. Congratulations to the UK Lotto’s latest jackpot winner!

The numbers which the winner managed to correctly match up were as follows: 12, 16, 22, 35, 38, and 48. The bonus ball which was drawn was 15; and this was drawn to create another prize tier. There were five winners in this prize tier (match five plus the bonus ball), with each of them scooping up £86,003 for their notable efforts. In the third prize division, for matching up five out of the six main numbers, there were a total of 270 winners who saw the £365,040 prize pool being divided equally amongst them. This meant that each winner in this division saw £1,352 coming their way for their efforts. The Match Four division saw its fair share of winners, with 14,378 stepping up to claim their £134 divisional winnings. In the final division, there were a total of 271,282 winners who matched up three out of the six numbers that were drawn. These winners benefitted from a prize fund which was larger than the actual jackpot prize (£6,782,050), but when divided amongst that many players, their final take-home winnings only tallied up to £25 apiece.

The next UK Lotto draw is set to take place on Wednesday, 27 November 2013. With the weekend jackpot being claimed, the jackpot has reset itself back to the minimum amount; meaning that there will be a £2.2 million jackpot prize up for grabs in the upcoming midweek draw. Be sure to play your lucky numbers online today in order to qualify yourself for entry for the upcoming draw! Good luck!