UK Lotto Results | 8 January 2014

By   January 9, 2014


Last night’s UK Lotto draw certainly managed to pull in the crowds – while the jackpot was initially set to be at £2.2 million for draw number 1883 of the world-famous lottery game, a last-minute influx saw this jackpot amount rise up to a smile-inducing £3,097,936. Even though this added incentive was more than enough to spur the punters on even more, unfortunately none were successful in matching up all six numbers correctly which would have resulted in a jackpot win.

cash win

Despite this setback though, players are urged to look on the bright side – at least the resultant rollover now affords you a brand new opportunity to play for the jackpot prize on the weekend! The numbers drawn last night were as follows: 19, 23, 31, 36, 45, 46 and Bonus Ball 27. While there were no jackpot winners, the highlight of last night’s draw has to undoubtedly be the player in the second prize tier (Match Five + Bonus Ball) – yes, only one player managed to place in this tier! For this valiant effort displayed, the full prize fund allocation to this tier was awarded to this UK Lotto fan – the full £247,274. Congratulations! What makes this win even more significant, is that if you look at the prize tier directly below tier 2, you will see that there were 112 players who managed to place in tier 3; with each of them only walking away with £1,874 for matching up five of the six main numbers. In tier 4, those 6,890 players who matched four of the main numbers were awarded £161 for their efforts. The full UK Lotto results and winnings table can be found below:



The next UK Lotto draw will be taking place this coming Saturday, 11 January 2014 with an estimated jackpot prize of £6 million. This is a rather lucrative prize to be playing for, so prepare yourself in advance for lengthy queues as fans of the game patiently wait to play their lucky numbers. Alternatively, you could beat the rush and play UK Lotto online instead! Best of luck to all our punters!